Evil Eye

   Evil Eye Another blog another hard topic for me to get into. This next piece I’m going to be sharing I had been very big on keeping to myself for the longest time in order to protect and preserve the reputation of the second party involved. I’ve never been one to try and tarnish someone’s reputation simply because they did me wrong and this situation was going to be no exception. The reason, however, I am here today going against something I’ve always preached is because I truly feel like others can benefit from and/or prevent their lives from taking a turn for the worse if they are in a situation similar as I was. Regardless, no names will be used. This blog’s topic is going to be on nazar/hasad/the evil eye. The inspiration behind this post came from when I shared my experience with a close friend of mine, and she displayed gratitude with tears in her eyes because she was also going through a very similar experience and had no idea what was going on. It made me realize there may b
    Tawakkul      The phrase “when life throws you lemons, make lemonade” is my favorite because this comes from the philosophy of always being grateful for everything Allah swt has given us and every obstacle Allah swt has placed in our lives. Showing gratitude isn’t just about giving thanks when things go right in our lives. It’s about thanking Allah swt for every trial and treating it as the biggest blessing placed in our lives. Because that’s what trials truly are. They are blessings in disguise meant to guide us back to the love of our creator and for us to put our hands up in prayer in the middle of the night asking our lord for help. With no hardship, that cry would be nonexistent, as would our test of proving whether we have true tawwakul or not. Tawakkul or “trusting in God's plan” is a lot more complex than what people make it to be. It’s one thing to say you trust God has your back, it’s another to believe it from the bottom of your heart. Help is promised to the belie